Getting High without Drugs

Table of Contents

About this book6
Why get high?7
 Getting high is a valid life purpose7
 An age old desire7
 Getting high to change state8
 Euphoria - getting high to feel good8
 Getting high to be at one with the universe8
 Getting high for self-healing8
 Getting high for self-reintegration9
 Variation is healthy 9
 Altered states are normal10
 Transcending drug conflicts10
 We'll show you how


A better way of being high12
 Get high voluntarily12
  Enjoy the intensity you crave12
  When and for as long as you want13
  Your altered state should sustain itself13
 Be the way that's right for you14
  Select the way you want your mind to work14
  Feeling better14
 Enhance the way you are14


 What presence is16
 What presence does17
 An emotional holiday17
 Ah! Here we are.17
 It's the only time we actually have18
 How to do it


The Smiling Breath (Sukhabhati)21
 It's easy21
  You can't fail21
  You're free to improve it21
  Sensualizations 22

 Effects of doing the smiling breath23
  It's self-reinforcing23
  It becomes more powerful with practice24
  It helps you get along with others24
  It can make you more attractive24
  Don't impose this on depressed people24
  Be subtle


 Breathing and time26
  Timing patterns27
 Styles of breathing 30
  The complete breath30
  Alternate nostril breathing31
  The force of the breath32
  The root lock32
  The neck lock33
 Diaphragmatic lock33
 The psychic direction of the breath33
 Holotropic breathing35
  Psychedelic intensity35
  Mild euphoria35
 The renewal breath36
  Complete relaxation37
  Continuous breathing37
  Awareness of every feeling37


Using your mind40
Set and setting40
  Controlling your environment41
  Focus on inspiring and positive things42
  Having a high quality mental diet42
  Stay away from negativity43
  Spend your time on things you can affect44
 Altered kinesthetic states44
  Controlling intensity and duration47
  Designer highs: not designer drugs48
 Scanning for the good50
  Review and identify what's good - every day51
  The placebo effect52
  The Schachter effect54
  The Milton model55
  Changing your experience of things57
  The habit of return59
  Telling yourself a story – the power of inner ritual


Emotional Alchemy64
 Ways of coping65
 Using whatever life brings65
 Seeing things differently66
 The transmutation of energy


Time distortion69
 How we tell the time69
 Remaking time


Mind machines74
 Brain waves75
 Kinds of machines78
 Phase and kind of stimulation80
 Ramp and return82
 Tonal ranges


Physical techniques84
  The tongue85
  The eyes85
  The hand86
 Brain Gym86
 Autogenic training89
  Begin with a body scan89
  Always end by 'canceling'90
  The heaviness exercise90
  The warmth exercise92
  Calm and regular heartbeat93
  It breathes me94
  Abdominal warmth95
  Cool forehead95
  Advanced autogenic training97


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