Ways to get legal highs without drugs

People naturally want to get high.

The quest for more pleasure, diminished anxiety, the relaxation of time, quickening of insight, deepening mythic awareness, and spiritual awakening is among the driving forces of human life.

As life without these things would be incomplete, it is the desire to experience these benefits that causes the popularity of non-medical drug use.

Recreational drugs are obsolete.

Drugs carry legal risks, high costs, and health problems.  If anything, these are getting worse.  Governmental inertia restricts the eventual legalization of drugs, and the penalties for drug use convictions can haunt you all your life.  The prices of drugs keep spiralling. Drug cartels continue to profit, while users risk their money and their freedom.  And since recreational drug users rarely know the quality or purity of the drugs they use, they're playing daily Russian roulette with their health.

These negatives of drug use all work against getting high with drugs.

But all is not lost ...

You can get just as high without drugs. If getting high is the goal, drugs are just one means of doing that.  Getting high does not imply or require drug use.  They're different animals and neither implies or requires the other.

When you take action and responsibility for your own states of consciousness, you can get much higher.  Rather than 'addiction' in which more and more is required to get the same effect, repetition works for you.  As you develop your skills in developing these legal highs, you'll be able to develop more and more powerful alterations of consciousness.

You can experience mental freedom

Freedom of choose your state of mind is a unique power.

This isn't just about kicking back and having a good time. (Of course we teach you how to do that too.  That's the first thing we learned to do for ourselves.)  Being able to elegantly shift into the right state of mind required to deal with things is an essential skill.  You'll be more able to adapt smoothly to the demands of work and family, more able to slip into just the right mood for whatever presents itself.

Without limits

Control your own states of mind - when they start, how strong they get, and when they end.  The truth is you can turn yourself on, and off, at will.  You can even design your own states of consciousness.

Without risk.

Every technique shown here is legal.  These legal highs only depend on your skill and willingness to get into an altered state.  With one exception, all these techniques may be used without cost and they can be used anywhere.

Without costs.

Say goodbye to expensive drugs, where the black market markup is outrageously high, the supply iffy, and the quality unknown.  Never again feel forced to associate with people you don't like just to get access to a way of changing your mind.  It's like having an infinite stash.

Say hello to safely changing your mind whenever and however you want.

Your mental state is nobody's business but your own.

People who want to get high are looking to change their state for the better.  They want more enjoyment, competence and awareness.   With these techniques it's up to you and up to you alone.

How do I know?

I've spent 35 years researching this issue.  I'm a certified Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming.  I've spent years studying yogic breath control.  I've studied psychedelic drugs with the doctor who invented the very word "psychedelic".  I have first hand experience with all the methods outlined here.

I know they work.

You can learn to do this too

I've written an ebook collecting all my research in one place.  I've included easy instructions for each of these methods.  Some are so simple and powerful, I know that if you can read this book, you'll have the skill to do this.

You'll discover ...

  • How to get high in an instant, anywhere, and at any time.
  • The breath of happiness
  • How to control your emotional states with your breath
  • Reliable methods of relaxation
  • 3 ways how to use your mind alone to change your state of consciousness
  • Simple physical tricks to alter mood and awareness
  • A powerful high tech means for precisely altering consciousness

    See the Table of Contents.

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    Still not convinced? Consider this.

    I personally guarantee the information can get you where you want to go.  All I ask is that you give the principles a try.  If you aren't happy with the ebook, I will refund your money at any time within 30 days.

    So, you don't even have to make a decision now! You can decide after giving the material a chance.  That is the magic of the guarantee.  You may be sceptical or have reservations about an ebook, so wait to make a decision, until after you have given it a try.

    I want people to enjoy what I have learnt, and what many people have discovered.  I want to share the information with you.

    The ideas may seem too easy. . . but trust me.  I have personally experienced their power and taught them to others.  The ideas are simple and direct -- but they are incredibly powerful.

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    You won't regret it.

    Again, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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